Three tile flooring facts

Three tile flooring facts

Floor tile looks as good in the living room as in the kitchen or bath. Of course, the high style and eye-popping designs are just one of the many benefits, but it's also durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, and eco-friendly.

Here are some facts to help you when shopping for ceramics.

Porcelain vs. ceramic

Porcelain is a kind of ceramic, but it's made from non-absorbent clay, together with sand and glass. It's also fired at higher temperatures than most ceramics.

The result is ultra-tough flooring that is used indoors or out.

You'll see many colors and designs when you enter our tile store. Porcelain can also be made to look like anything; in fact, it's often preferred for wood and stone looks.

Not all tile types are the same

Every tile type has a different strength and absorbency level that determines how and where it can be used. For example, porcelain is used in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, deck/patio floors, and poolside.

Terracotta bricks can be used indoors or out, and the 4 X 4 square is best for moderately heavily foot-trafficked indoor rooms. Mosaics are currently trending for bathroom floors.

Our tile shop staff will advise you accordingly. Also, Read labels thoroughly.

Wood and stone look tiles are trending

Modern technology enables manufacturers to create intricate, realistic patterns. As a result, you'll see color and veining variations, textures, knots, grains, and more.

Rustic textures include brushed, hand-scraped and distressed. Popular tile looks are marble, slate, and limestone.

Come into our showroom to see our wood and stone floor tile from top brands. They include Doma, Newton, Proximity Mills, and more.

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