All about through-body tile flooring

All about through-body tile flooring

You've probably heard the terms "through-body" and “color body” quite often in the tile store. The advantage of both is that chips won't be visible. It also means you'll have a tile that always looks fresh, never worn.

Through body color and porcelain

Through-body means one color goes all the way through the bisque. So it's consistent from top to bottom, and chips (although unlikely) will never show.

But porcelain can also be color-body

With glazed porcelain, there will be more than one color. The glaze will have its hue and pattern. The bisque color will harmonize with the glaze, but it won't be an exact match.

Our tile shop will show you examples of each so you can compare.

All about porcelain

Porcelain’s composition includes a fine, non-absorbent clay, called Kaolin, together with sand and glass. It’s also fired at higher temperatures than most other ceramics.

Porcelain comes in countless colors, patterns, and styles. It looks like anything, including wood, stone, fabric, and leather.

Porcelain looks just as good in the living room or hallway as it does in the kitchen and bath. In addition, this floor tile can stand up to the most severe weather, so many use it as a floor tile for patios, decks, and poolside.

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