Waterproof flooring makes sense in every room

Waterproof flooring has attributes that come in handy not only for protection against water damage but also against many other things. They offer excellent durability, a superb lifespan, and beautiful visuals that work in every room of your home. Let’s find out more about how they can serve you specifically.

What are your waterproof flooring options?

There are several waterproof materials available on today’s market, but we’d like to speak of two in particular. The first is luxury vinyl plank flooring, which offers a beautiful, realistic appearance of both wood and stone and durability that works in every room. A top wear layer protects against stains, scuffs, dents, and fading, leaving you with floors that look new for up to 20 years or more, with comparable warranties. Waterproof laminate flooring also offers a beautiful wood-look appearance, which is a perfect match for any décor. Its rigid, layered construction provides the functionality you want, while a top layer protects from many types of daily wear. Unlike waterproof vinyl flooring, you’ll need a vapor barrier installed with your laminate, especially with specific subfloor combinations. Both of these floor coverings can be installed quickly and easily, leaving you to walk on them sooner, which means you likely won’t have to leave your home while the installation is taking place. We’ll keep you up to date before, during, and after the installation, with a complete walkthrough when it is finished to ensure your total satisfaction. Once the install is done, we'll answer any questions you have and be sure to let you know the quickest, most straightforward maintenance tips to keep your floors looking fresher longer. If you have further questions or would like to see these floors for yourself, be sure to drop by for a visit.

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