Flooring installation in Wilmington, NC from Floor Source Outlet

Do you need a professional flooring installation?

A professional flooring installation offers more than a good install of your chosen floor covering. It also brings you all the peace of mind you deserve from a professional service such as this one.

What’s more, it can help ensure that a faulty installation does not void your product warranty, so read on for more information.

Professional flooring installation for all your choices

 No matter which floor covering you choose, you’ll find a professional installation is the most critical part of the process. Each material has specific characteristics, and therefore each will have its installation requirements.

Carpet installation, just like hardwood, porcelain tile, and all-natural stone, requires special tools and expert installers. With a necessity for perfect measurements, cuts, stretching, sealing, and more, you don’t want to take risks that could leave your flooring open to compromise at some point in the future.

Materials like laminate and luxury vinyl offer a quicker and easier installation, and you’re not likely to even have to leave your home for the process. You can choose a floating floor installation or one that requires adhesives, nails, or staples, depending on the material you purchased.

Our installers are trained, experienced, and ready to offer expert installation regardless of your flooring choice. Be sure to come in for a consultation today for your flooring project of any size.

We offer expert flooring installation services and more

Floor Source Outlet is a flooring company in Wilmington, NC, with more than 40 years of experience. One of our specialties is installing your chosen floor covering, but we specialize in design and repair as well. 

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