What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles?

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles?

When only tile flooring will do for your home's floors, you might want to know the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile. One may serve you better than the other, especially in certain areas, and this is just the kind of information that can change everything about your experience.

Ceramic vs. porcelain tile

The most significant difference between ceramic and porcelain is the hardness and density. Porcelain is extremely hard and dense, making it more water-resistant, harder to scratch or scuff, but easier to break during installation.

Ceramic is less dense, so it’s easier to cut and shape, but it’s also better suited for walls and low-traffic areas in your home. Since ceramic is a bit more porous, it's essential to remember that these floors absorb more liquids and moisture than porcelain.

Of course, porcelain is a bit pricier than ceramic. Still, it's a consideration that is usually well worth it, especially if your home is high traffic, damp, moisture, or experiences lots of different types of traffic. When you’re ready to discuss even more differences and see them for yourself, be sure to visit us any time.

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